Utrecht Heritage Day, 8 September 2018

Since 1984, several European countries have organised annual Heritage Days or Open Door Days to celebrate their national architectural and natural heritage. The Netherlands is proud to participate in this cultural tradition and holds a yearly nationwide Open Monumentendag (‘Open Monuments Day’), organised by a national foundation working together with several local committees. One of these local committees represents Utrecht. With over 5,000 monuments in the city and immediate surroundings of Utrecht, this is also one of the larger committees.

The 32th Utrecht Heritage Day will take place on Saturday the 8th of September. From 10 am to 5 pm almost 70 monuments will open their doors to the public. “In Europe” is this year’s national Heritage Day theme. In Utrecht the link between the history of the city and European history can be found in and around many buildings and historical sites. On Saturday the 8th of September many university buildings with international allure will open their doors to show you their beautiful interiors. For the first time in the history of Heritage Day Utrecht, eight fortresses of the New Dutch Waterline are accessible to be explored. Moreover, due to the subtheme “controversial heritage”, several buildings on the Maliebaan can be visited to learn more about the history of the Maliebaan in the Second World War.

Many locations also organise on-site activities such as exhibitions, musical performances and guided tours.
Please note: most activities are in Dutch. Translations cannot be provided.

The complete programme is available on our website: www.openmonumentendagutrecht.nl or our special Utrecht Heritage Day Newspaper which will be distributed all over town and will be available at our information centre on Dom Square.

Our English leaflet introduces 23 highlights in the city centre of Utrecht. The numbers correspond to the numbers of the sites on the map. You can download the English leaflet Utrecht Heritage Day or click on the images below.